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Please read these FAQs before contacting us.

How can I set/change my handle?
Click on your avatar to modify your profile settings.

What format will the flag be?
The flag will be an md5 hash, unless otherwise stated in the challenge instructions.

Where will the flag be located?
The flag will be in an s3 bucket, in the root folder and named root.txt for flag.txt, unless otherwise stated in the challenge instructions.

Why don’t I see hints/walkthroughs on some challenges?
Hints and/or walk-throughs are added after a challenge has been live for some time.

Can I contact you for a hint if I get stuck?
No, in order to keep it fair for everyone, the only hints available are the ones publicly posted on this site.

Can I use ______ technique to solve a challenge?
First and foremost, you must by abide by AWS’ pentesting guidelines at all times, and secondly you must abide by our ToS. If you are still not sure please contact us, to ask if your technique is allowed.

I found a bug in a challenge, where do I report this?
You can report it using our contact form. All challenges go through multiple rounds of QA however due to changes by the cloud provider and other changes outside of our control bugs may still appear.