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2023 $1,000 Cloud CTF

Happy chinese new year 2023 year of the rabbit zodiac sign with flower,lantern,asian elements gold paper cut style on color Background. (Translation : Happy new year)

Our first CTF of 2023 is live!!! Along with prizes:

*Challenge Rules:

  • Prize award to the first person to solve each challenge. Post that you solved the challenge on social media.
  • After you solve a challenge, send us an email with a brief walk through of the challenge and a screenshot of your social media post to challenges @
  • Payment will be made in Bitcoin, or other method determined by us.
  • Prize awarded after an accepted walk through. We (PenTesting.Cloud) will be the sole arbiters as to if a walk through is acceptable or not. Copyright to the accepted walk through becomes property of PenTesting.Cloud and may be displayed on our website or elsewhere.
  • We will update this page once a winner for each challenge is awarded by writing “(solved)” next to the challenge, please note, there may be a delay in between the time a submission is received and we confirm a winner. There is only one prize per challenge, except the random challenge which has 5 prizes of $50 each.
  • For the Random Prize, solve any challenge and post on social media after solving ut. Then send us an email with a screenshot of the social media post. We will compile a list, randomize it, and pick the winner on 1/23/23, please have your entry in before 12 noon US CDT on 1/22.
  • Challenge ends on 1/22/2022. We reserve the right to extend, change, replace or cancel any challenge.
  • Void where prohibited by law. Employees, contractors and affiliates of PenTesting.Cloud, including their friends and family, are NOT eligible for the prize.
  • For team play, select 1 user to submit the results under.

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